The Berlin Tango Guide is a special-interest Berlin city map for tango dancers. No matter if you want to learn tango, get new stylish fashion and shoes, or just dance tango in Berlin, Berlin Tango Guide shows you the way to milonga, studio, and fashion store locations. Have a closer look at the current edition


BTG 2016 milonga guide

Milonga guide with music info

Milongas that suit your taste: Our milonga guide next to the map shows all regular weekly milongas along with information about the music being played and the DJs.

BTG 2016 city map

Berlin city map with location markers

Navigation made easy: An uncluttered city map that is equally usable for public transport passengers and car drivers with location markers for all milongas and advertiser locations.


Dedicated tango adverts page

Berlin tango service & product providers at a glance: Find our gorgeous tango fashion and shoes, full-service tango studios, and skilled teachers on the dedicated advert page.

Environment-friendly production

We care about the environment: Berlin Tango Guide is printed on FSC-certified paper from responsible forresting and our print partner Spreedruck uses a CO2-neutral production process certified by ClimatePartner.

Distribution in and outside Berlin

10.000 copies of Berlin Tango Guide are available at Berlin milongas throughout the year. They are also shipped with every order by Mavalou Tango Fashion. On special occasions the guide has travelled as far as Miami, Florida, US.

Outstanding print quality

Perfect colours, substantial paper, and a protective coating make the Berlin Tango Guide a beautiful and usable experience that lasts. Printed on 135gsm IGEPA Profisilk paper by the wizards of Spreedruck Berlin.


About us

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© Harald Keller


Kathleen started the new Berlin Tango Guide in 2012 and has designed its layout, cover, and map. Having had a curious fascination with maps since her childhood days and a vivid imagination, she might like the map more than the territory. Berlin Tango Guide is a way for her to give back to the Berlin Tango Community she’s been happy to be part of as dancer, DJ, and sometimes performer for 10 years (also because it fits her chronological rhythm perfectly).

  • Day job: Designer/Photographer
  • Dance: tango, ballet
  • Most likely met: at Nou, Claerchens, in her kitchen
Design & photography
Passion for dance
Pondering on life
Brain activity before 1 p.m.
© Harald Keller
© Harald Keller


Suleika has been the voice of Berlin Tango Guide since 2013 as account and relations manager for our customers and professional contacts. She also lovingly takes care of all things public transport on the map. If she’s had enough proper vegetarian food that is… otherwise beware 😉 . In 2016 Suleika is on leave from from BTG.

Changing the world
Love of nature
Inner poise without food


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