Embrace Festival Guide

What's in it for you?

Embrace community tango festival offers a multitude of milongas and events in 2017

Embrace is a community festival and as such offers many events at a multitude of venues. If you’re confused after reading the quite extensive milonga list on our Events Page, this post might help you sort through your options. We introduce selected events for different tastes, special interests, and also budgets.

Embrace ! The Show & more performances

Embrace ! The Show runs on two dates, Tuesday and Thursday. The cast is different for both dates. On Tuesday you get free access to the grand milonga afterwards with your show ticket. Also see:

  • Finest local dancers at Milonga Caligari (Mimi & Jorge from BsAs, Serena & Alonso),
  • Cecilia Berra & Horacio Godoy (BsAs) at Intimacy on Friday,
  • Clarisa Aragon & Jonathan Saveedra (BsAs) at Grand Milonga Loewesaal on Saturday,
  • Daniel Arroyo & Juan Pablo Ramirez (BsAs) at the Queer Milonga on Sunday.

Only The Grand

The Grand Milongas are a new concept this year. They happen at special venues with much space and often several dancefloors, and feature shows and special acts. The four grand milongas are:

For Live Music Fans

  • Roter Salon on Wednesday (Sexteto Gato),
  • TTMS on Friday (Solotango Orchestra),
  • weRK36 on Saturday (Muzet Royal & Caio Rodriguez),
  • Nou Lounge on Monday (up to 20 professional musicians from Roger Helou’s Pugliese workshop).

The last item is our warmly recommend hidden gem of embrace this year: it doesn’t get more impressive than a grand orchestra with several bandoneons, violins, celli, and basses. What a sound!

For neotango lovers

You can find all neotango events by choosing “neotango” or “mixed music” as a filter on our Events Page. For a start, have a look at:

  • Intimacy on Friday,
  • Tangoloft on Saturday and Sunday,
  • the Queer Milonga on Sunday,
  • Nou Lounge or Milonga Popular on Monday.

On a budget

No budget for Grand Milongas? Embrace still has something to offer to you:

  • Mala Junta runs at the normal entrance fee of 5 euros and features live piano tangos by Robert Schmidt.
  • Roter Salon offer good live music for affordable 8 euros.
  • Nou’s Friday milonga comes without any live music or shows and is available at the normal rate of 6 euros.
  • Urquiza tango hosts the daily Tango Cafe from Fri – Mon also for 6 euros.
  • If you have money for only one Grand Milonga, we strongly suggest the one at Loewesaal on Saturday for its best overall quality of space/size, floor, atmosphere, and of course DJ Horacio Godoy and a show by Clarisa Aragon & Jonathan Saveedra (BsAs). This event remains true to the community spirit as it is co-organised by four esteemed Berlin studios/hosts:Michael Ruehl (Roter Salon, Rixdorf, Walzer), Judith Preuss (Mala Junta), Thomas Rieser (Nou), and Rafael & Susanne (TTMS).

I just want to dance

Dancing uninterrupted by shows or live music is possible at

What about workshops?

Please refer to the Embrace website to find out about all available workshops. If you would like to get to know new teachers, have a look at Daniel Arroyo & Juan Pablo Ramirez, who are well versed both in traditional tango de pista and were among the finalists in this category at the last world championship as well as glamorous showy moves as you can see for yourself at the 2nd Embrace! The Show date. They are both super friendly, open, and caring teachers.