Save Roter Salon!

Germany's oldest milonga is in danger

Please join the petition to save Roter Salon.

For 24 years Michael Rühl has organised and hosted Europe’s oldest weekly tango dance event at Roter Salon of Berlin Volksbühne. Founded in 1993 the Tango Night at Roter Salon played a crucial role in helping Berlin become “the world’s second tango capital”: A multitude of local and international tango artists, musician, dancers, and DJs have performed here. Countless dancers from Berlin and beyond found, lost, and found their way back to each other at “Roter Salon”. Today the milonga remains a much sought‐after event for tango dancers from all over the world and one of Berlin tango’s hotspots.

We are asking Chris Dercon, the new Volksbuehne director: Please keep this legendary Berlin tango event alive and let us become part of a diverse and vivid Volksbuehne you are aiming to create. Please reopen Roter Salon Milonga in autumn.

Please support our petition and sign it at Avaaz. It takes 2 minutes. Thank you for your time and consideration.