CTF guide

A far-out tango festival for open minds

The Contemporary Tango Festival from Aug 22 -- 26

The contemporary tango festival is not your common tango festival weekend: It is an experimental festival that aims at bringing unique tango experiences to you as well as at promoting nuevo and neo tango music. For five nights Mona-Isabelle (Tangoloft Berlin) and Andreas Rocholl present live music from progressive to traditional, shows, and dancable tango music at a very unusual place: Berlin main train station. Come and join unparalleled milongas along and outside the tango main stream.

Key must-go-to event: Quinteto Angel, one of the world’s most renowned tango orchestras, plays live traditional tango music for 6 hours on Friday! 😀

Evening events, Tue – Sat, 8 p.m.-2 a.m.:

Drop-in classes for tango newbies and beginners, Wed-Fr, 6 p.m.

  • Wed: Susanne and Rafael (TTMS)
  • Thu: Tangoforge Team
  • Fri: Pedram (Milonga Popular)

Special: Open class for hearing-impaired persons on Sat, 2 p.m. at Tangoloft.

Tango Mini-Cafes, Wed-Fr, 3-6 p.m.

  • Wed: DJ Thomas H. (Haus der Sinne) — mainly neo/nuevo-tango music
  • Thu: DJ Peggy Schorn (Tuebingen) — only neo/nuevo/non-tango music
  • Fri: DJ Pedram (Milonga Popular) — nuevo/trad tango mix


CTF takes place among the public at Berlin main train station. Entrance for all events is free! Don’t worry about the floor: It is surprisingly soft and easy to dance on.

Please beware of pickpockets and make sure your bags are safe: Either use the luggage centre on the 1st floor next to the passageway to track 13/14 for 4 or 6 Euros per day depending on bag size, or leave it with the CTF team near the stage for free (no guaranteed safety, bags are not tagged). Please do NOT leave your luggage in your car, especially if you use the car park.

Connections by metro and night busses as well as lightrail and regional rail in all directions are available but Berlin main train station is not connected to the tube. There is also a car park underneath the station. It is outrageously expensive though with 2.50 Euro per hour. Public parking space behind the station on the southern side of it (Friedrich-Liszt-Ufer) is equally expensive and police quite keenly check if you have bought a ticket in this area. It is best to come by public transport or car-sharing.

During the day the main train station also offers plenty of options to shop for drinks and food around the clock, an ATM to withdraw money, and lots of other facilities: Have a look around with the interactive map. CTF takes place right in the middle of the ground floor. Past 8 p.m. it is recommend to bring your own food and drinks. A bakery and a juice stand are open until midnight but if you would like something more substantial or share a glass of wine with your friends you will have to to provide it yourself. In this area you will have a hard time finding any of Berlin’s “Late Shops” (Spaetkauf).