The people behind Berlin Tango Guide


Kathleen started the new Berlin Tango Guide in 2012 and has designed its layout, cover, and map. Having had a curious fascination with maps since her childhood days and a vivid imagination, she might like the map more than the territory. Berlin Tango Guide is a way for her to give back to the Berlin Tango Community she’s been happy to be part of as dancer, DJ, and sometimes performer for more than 10 years (also because it fits her chronological rhythm perfectly).

  • Day job: Designer/Photographer
  • Dance: tango, ballet
  • Most likely met: at Nou, Claerchens, in her kitchen
100% Design & photography
100% Passion for dance
100% Pondering on life
10% Brain activity before 1 p.m.


Eva is new with the Berlin Tango Guide team in 2017. With her keen eye for details and her love for languages she takes care of the back office, proofing, and all things German. Apart from dancing tango and not missing a single episode of the cult tv show “Tatort”, we strongly suspect that her night life also includes the activity in this video 😉

  • Day job: media/culture scientist and German teacher (GSL)
  • Dance: tango
  • Most likely met: at Mala Junta and at Berlin theatres
100% Sharp eye for detail
100% German and Spanish language skills
100% Love for Schnitzel
10% Attention span when not properly caffeinated


Suleika has been the voice of Berlin Tango Guide since 2013 as account and relations manager for our customers and professional contacts. She also lovingly takes care of all things public transport on the map. If she’s had enough proper vegetarian food that is… otherwise beware 😉 . In 2017 Suleika is on leave from BTG. We thank her for 4 years of great work.

100% Changing the world
100% Love of nature
100% Tango
10% Inner poise without food


Berlin Tango Guide is generously supported by

  • Christiane Bär, Thomas Rieser, and Jens-Christian Ravn (consulting)
  • Barbara Rasp (distribution)
  • Spreedruck Berlin (fabulous print production)
  • Jonas Zadow of 030 tango (cooperation)
  • Lidia Kondilidis of Tango Munich Community (cooperation)